The Creators:

Travis McMaster - Mark Whitten

- A Little About Us -

Travis and Mark are a creative duo who have been creating audio drama podcasts for 6 years now.

Travis is the writer and creator of The Hotel.  Additionally he created and continues to write for the sci-fi anthology "The Theatre of Tomorrow", our sister show.  He is also a screenwriter, and works on a number of projects with the production company, Bent Entertainment.

Mark is a voice actor who can be heard in numerous animated series and video games from companies like Disney, DreamWorks, Sony Playstation, Square Enix, Nintendo, and Bethesda to name a few.  In addition to voicing the Lobby Boy, Mark also designs the soundscapes for The Hotel.

The Hotel was conceived by Travis as a vessel for short form horror that is both poetic and cosmically disturbing.  A departure from our sci-fi roots with "The Theatre of Tomorrow", The Hotel is a more intimate and surreal experience.  The story of our staff, and the Hotel herself, develops in deeper and deeper complexity with each passing season.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us...